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About the Sector Associations

The sector Associations are the cornerstones of the Federation. Where appropriate Federation members are grouped into one (or more) of the industry sectors.

Active Associations at present are:
ACA – Aluminium Casters Association (and Forgers)
AFA – Aluminium Fabricators Association (range of fabricators, producers of rolled product, suppliers, processors and services)
ASFA – Aluminium Surface Finishers Association (extruders, anodisers, powder coaters and coil coaters)


  • Represent the members in all regions and their assessed needs, and support the membership drive,
  • Provide the communication route between the Exco and the members,
  • Implement appropriate elements of the AFSA strategy,
  • Facilitate benchmarking of technical standards and processes and define industry training needs,
  • Encourage adherence to standards and codes of practice,
  • Develop industry literature and knowledge base,
  • Identify sector issues and development projects/programmes and play a market development role,
  • Perform synergistic problem solving in a non-threatening environment,
  • Encourage BEE/SMME activities and provide support, and
  • Operate within the limitations of the Competitions Act.
  • Provide a platform for social interaction of members.

Where appropriate, AFSA members group into one or more of several industry sectors. Sector (or Association) members meet on a regular basis to discuss areas of common interest, within the limitations imposed by the Competitions Act. Typical programs include market research, sector promotion, workshops, seminars, standards and government liaison regarding trade practices. Prices, market segmentation and wages are not tabled. Each sector appoints a chairperson who represents that sector on the Executive Committee.

Individual sectors, which are allocated a budget according to their needs, are responsible for directing association and AFSA’s activities in such areas as market research, sector promotion, workshops, seminars and government liaison in respect of trade practices, duties and incentives.

Sectors are also encouraged to produce brochures on their activities as a way of making the market aware of their capabilities.

All members are entitled and encouraged to attend any sector meeting.

There are four sectors currently active in AFSA together with two associate bodies. Additional sectors are formed whenever the need arises.

South African related associations contact

AFSA remains in contact with four groups of associated Associations in South Africa. These fall into four categories; those associated with aluminium, engineering material or use, customer associations, and legislation partners.

  • The first group is those directly connected to aluminium, AAAMSA (Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers) and the Extruders Council.
  • The second group, engineering material base associations such as SASSDA (Stainless Steel Association), the CDA (Copper Development Association), SAISC (Institute of Steel Construction), HDGA (Hot dipped Galvanises Association), PFSA (Plastics Federation), NFMIA (non Ferrous Metals Industry Association).
  • The third group includes customer base associations such as NAACAM (Automotive Manufacturers Association), NAAMSA, the Packaging Institute and the Road Freight Association.
  • The fourth group includes those whose co-operation relates to environment issues (the dirty energy tax being the most significant aspect) such as the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association. The purpose of ongoing contact is to identify and to promote matters of common interest.

The sector associations each administer their own budgets through which nominated, mutually agreed projects are developed. In addition AFSA runs a promotion committee, the purpose of which covers generic promotion, the development of commercial assists such as the Buyers guide, and education issues alongside co-ordinating the promotional activities of the various sector associations.

An associate body in the aluminium industry is AAAMSA (Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa). AFSA keeps in regular contact and interacts with AAAMSA