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As a member of AFSA, an association held in high regard, companies are expected to maintain integrity in all their business activities.

A condition of membership is the acceptance of the agreed Code of Conduct and the authority of the Executive Committee of AFSA in handling disciplinary measures should any breach of this Code arise. The code of conduct is not intended as a set of rules but represents the commonly agreed business etiquette which guides member’s actions.

The code of conduct accepted by the membership follows:

Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa [hereinafter referred to as AFSA]

The AFSA Code of Conduct

AFSA members shall at all times:

  • Obey the laws of the land and observe accepted customs, codes and business practices; 
  • Act in the interests of the public and the community at large by actively contributing to public health and safety and to the protection of the environment; 
  • Treat clients, associates and suppliers with fairness, respect and courtesy and foster good relations; 
  • Display professionalism, competence and ethics in terms of all actions and business dealings and prevent any harmful business practices; 
  • Protect the interests and confidentiality of their clients and suppliers with specific reference to disclosure of information regarding business affairs, trading secrets, technical methods and processes; 
  • Preserve the honour, integrity, dignity and good name of the Aluminium industry; 
  • Timeously bring all cases of perceived unethical conduct to the attention of the Federation; 
  • Participate in AFSA affairs and programmes and, where possible, contribute to the development and upliftment of the industry in terms of technology transfer, education and training.

No AFSA member shall:

  • Deny services to anyone on grounds of race, creed, gender or country of natural origin; 
  • Knowingly misrepresent facts or make false statements either verbally or in writing or prepare false books or statements of account; 
  • Form front companies or close corporations for the purpose of avoiding disclosure; 
  • Infringe patents, copyrights or other trade devices; 
  • Prematurely destroy records, calculations or similar pertinent information; 
  • Offer or accept undue inducements or gifts to secure business; 
  • Allow or tolerate undue disclosure to the media concerning AFSA or its members.