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The Purpose of AFSA is:

  • To promote the use and growth of aluminium usage, 
  • To promote the Southern African aluminium industry, both regionally and internationally, (To strengthen the pre-competitive platform so members are better able to achieve their individual business objectives.)
  • To promote, represent and defend the interests of its members (The priorities of the Federation must reflect the priorities of its members. 
  • Assist members in matters where joint action is believed to achieve benefits greater than that of individual members and/or companies.)

AFSA’s vision and Key Roles

AFSA’s role and vision (and the role of associations acting under the aegis of AFSA) is to:

  • Make mandated representations for members and the industry on relevant matters and especially key national issues.
  • Promote the awareness of aluminium and its application, and promote growth and the aluminium industry with input from the industry role players.
  • Assist and participate in knowledge transfers:
    – generic technology
    – product development
    – industry information and statistics via working linkages / synergies (often working with champions)
  • To facilitate and advise in areas of education and training at appropriate levels
  • Facilitate, assist and support growth initiatives (in an enabling climate) both regionally and internationally.